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In my previous posts I’ve already told you my story on how I was choosing best PowerPoint to Flash conversion software. I found it and it is definitely iSpring Pro for me. But in the very beginning of my search I was reading tons of information on web about flash and other converters and of course, came across this news that Adobe planned to release their own software to convert PowerPoint to flash. At the moment I was doing my little survey it hasn’t appeared yet but now it is released and of course I couldn’t fight this temptation to try it and see how it works myself.

It took me some time to download Adobe Presenter (49 Mb) but it was worth it. The first thing what I liked a lot was Adobe Presenter Sample presentation that shows you how to work with the software.  It was very comfortable for me since I didn’t have to search the web site to learn more about features or see tutorials. Easy explanation was already there! Don’t you think it’s cool?! This is how one of the slides looks like:

You know one of the features I liked the most was that I could record my audio and synchronize it with animations. It was not that hard as I thought! The same happened with video. I was amazed and of course, I couldn’t resist trying my own test presentation with that tool. And Adobe Presenter really did a good job.  I even thought to buy it but… Five hundred is a lot for me.  My iSpring works perfectly well and satisfies all of my needs, I closed my PowerPoint and went to the gym.




Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional 5.0 vs. iSpring Ultra 3.2

From the time I came to the conclusion that iSpring Pro is the best ppt to flash converter I received a few comments which made me think on the issues I didn’t take into my consideration before. So today I would like to compare two products. Since we are talking not only about PowerPoint to flash but e-learning as well, it will be iSpring Ultra 3.2 and Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional 5.0.

This time I am not going to create any tables, I want to share my thoughts, impressions and conclusions on these products with you and there is a reason for that. At the beginning I thought that it will not be that hard to compare these two but after installing it on my PC and trying the software out I changed my mind.  Both products are good but very different.  It’s not possible to compare them with quality and price ratio since their functionality varies, even though they have something in common.

Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional 5.0 = iSpring Ultra 3.2 in …

ü  Software’s main purpose

Both products are made to convert PowerPoint files to Flash.

ü  Ability to publish for LMS

Using PPT2Flash Professional or iSpring Ultra you can easily publish your presentation to any LMS conforming to SCORM.

ü  Great customizable player templates they offer

Honestly, I can’t tell you which player templates I like better since both programs provide you with a wonderful choice. Now you can do almost whatever you want with your player and this is a great thing. I was impressed. It’s so easy to change the color of the template, control volume, put in your own (I mean presenter) information like name, e-mail, logo and a short description of yourself, etc. You know, I am not going to put a full list of features these players offer, take a minute and just check it, you won’t regret. Wondershare and iSpring both made a good job and this is worth looking at.

I came to the conclusion that both programs are a good choice for teachers, presenters and people closely related to e-learning.

So what is different?

ü  Price

Let’s be honest with each other and admit that money has its role in our lives:)so the first difference I paid attention to was money issue. Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional 5.0 is $199.95, at the same time iSpring Ultra 3.2 costs $299. A hundred dollars. “Why is it so?” – was the next question that came to my mind (in the current highly competitive market there must be a huge reason for such a difference). The answer you’ll find below.

ü  Software’s purpose

Even though both programs can convert your ppt files to flash and publish it for LMS no problem, their purpose is different.  Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional 5.0 allows you to add audio and even video narration but it doesn’t provide you with ActionScript API like iSpring Ultra 3.2 does. In spite the fact that iSpring Ultra is very easy in use, you can do much more with it if you have some programming knowledge (personally I don’t, so I had to search the net a little and asked their support, quite prompt, their explanation was quite easy). ActionScript API allows you to do a lot of tricks your presentation playback. I’ll give you an example:  let’s say I am in Pittsburg and you are in London and I would like to present you something. Having a web-conference with you, some programming base and iSpring Ultra 3.2 installed on my PC I could create a presentation in PowerPoint, make it flash and then control its playback like I want to. Don’t you think it’s cool? And all of this you get only for $299! iSpring Ultra 3.2 is a product that is good not only for end-users but for developers as well!

ü  Quality of conversion

I see that this could be another point for price difference. iSpring Ultra 3.2 as well as iSpring Pro version has an excellent accuracy of conversion. Wondershare is good but still faces some troubles.  Screenshots below better than words demonstrate what I mean.


He is another experience of mine. I will appreciate if you let me know what you think…

PS What about LMS?

In my articles on “Which PowerPoint to flash converter is the best one?” I shared my thoughts and ideas. I tried to be objective but since I knew that I am not a professional in this like I said before I realized that there could be some things I missed…

I was happily using my iSpring Pro 3.2 version being sure that this is the best software ever before I received the following comment:

“Something you did not say, It support LMS(learning management system) and quizzes. Our teachers would benefit a lot from them.”

It made me think: “May be I missed something very important doing my research and the results might be not true?” I was not in panic, all I wanted to do is to make sure that my information is correct. LMS and e-learning in general are very big part of our teachers’ life and there are times when we need to create the content that can be published to LMS. So I went to iSpring Solutions web site and was happy to know that I was wrong doubting my iSpring. There is such an e-learning authoring tool that generates SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compatible content. This software is called iSpring Ultra.

In my opinion, e-learning is a huge topic to talk about. It has many sides and aspects that are not so easy to discuss in one short article. There is a wide range of tools that help teachers to create courses and publish them to LMS of different types. At the moment I am not working with any LMS, so I’m not familiar with that kind of software.

Innovations are great and some people may consider me a little old-fashioned for what I am going to say but as for me I got used to PowerPoint presentations much and I am not ready to switch to a different tool. So iSpring Pro covers my needs in my distance teaching (or e-learning) completely. Any way I would like to thank Sabrina for bringing this out and sharing her thoughts. If you have any idea on which e-learning authoring tool is real good, let me know. I’ll be happy to take a look!

Which PowerPoint to Flash converter is the best one?

Hi! Today I am going to talk about PowerPoint to flash converters. I am not a Flash expert, I just want to share my experience with you and hope it will be helpful. Let’s start!

Presentations are a great way to explain and actually “show” the material. Watching a bright and informative presentation used to help me to make the lesson information stick in the memory for a long time. PowerPoint presentation is great tool but sometimes I were in trouble when I was not able to open a video or audio file inserted or the file was too big. I also wanted my presentations to be web-compatible.

I came to the conclusion that the time for buying PowerPoint to Flash converter came. I was ready for the purchase, so rapidly typed in a simple phrase “powerpoint to flash converter” in the Google search and… Wow! I was surprised how many results I came up with! The question “Which one is the best and right for me?” was in my head. Not to make a mistake I decided to give these converters kind of a “test-drive”. You don’t buy a car before you drive it, right? How? I was a little confused at first, so I looked up some information on PowerPoint to flash: Robin Good’s MasterNewMedia , Indezine and some others. I was not able to find any comparisson table and created my own system.
I began with choosing top 7 PowerPoint to flash converters as they as they appeared more often in my Google search results list. Now I am happy to annouce you my “experimental” software:

Number 1 PowerCONVERTER presented by PresentationPro, Inc. “The most accurate PowerPoint to Flash converter” as the advertisement promised me.

Number 2 Articulate Presenter by Articulate Global, Inc. with “View a Demo” note which catched my attention right away.

Number 3 iSpring Pro by iSpringSolutions, Inc. and their promise “Even if you are a PowerPoint beginner iSpring makes all Flash technology advantages work for you!” Sounds great to me!

These three above give lot’s of promises… Hm… a good chance to check if the advertisement ever tells the truth 😉
I also tried FlashPoint (FlashDemo, Inc.), conaito PPT-to-Flash Converter (conaito Technologies), Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional (Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.) and authorPOINT (authorGEN Technologies).

Anyway after these 7 were chosen I went to the web site of each of them and found out that features they offer are pretty much the same. It put me in the confusion even more and I decided to create a table with 20 features most valuable for me and see which PowerPoint to flash converter has most of them. To make my choice process easier I decided to score each of the software offered. Please, note that I didn’t try all of these converters, I just looked at their web sites for more information. Anyway below you will find the table I’ve got.

PPT2SWF Software

According to my table Articulate Presenter and iSpring Pro both have the same score and are good for me. So which one is better? I’ll give you an answer in my next article before this one becomes too long.