Which PowerPoint to Flash converter is the best one?

Hi! Today I am going to talk about PowerPoint to flash converters. I am not a Flash expert, I just want to share my experience with you and hope it will be helpful. Let’s start!

Presentations are a great way to explain and actually “show” the material. Watching a bright and informative presentation used to help me to make the lesson information stick in the memory for a long time. PowerPoint presentation is great tool but sometimes I were in trouble when I was not able to open a video or audio file inserted or the file was too big. I also wanted my presentations to be web-compatible.

I came to the conclusion that the time for buying PowerPoint to Flash converter came. I was ready for the purchase, so rapidly typed in a simple phrase “powerpoint to flash converter” in the Google search and… Wow! I was surprised how many results I came up with! The question “Which one is the best and right for me?” was in my head. Not to make a mistake I decided to give these converters kind of a “test-drive”. You don’t buy a car before you drive it, right? How? I was a little confused at first, so I looked up some information on PowerPoint to flash: Robin Good’s MasterNewMedia , Indezine and some others. I was not able to find any comparisson table and created my own system.
I began with choosing top 7 PowerPoint to flash converters as they as they appeared more often in my Google search results list. Now I am happy to annouce you my “experimental” software:

Number 1 PowerCONVERTER presented by PresentationPro, Inc. “The most accurate PowerPoint to Flash converter” as the advertisement promised me.

Number 2 Articulate Presenter by Articulate Global, Inc. with “View a Demo” note which catched my attention right away.

Number 3 iSpring Pro by iSpringSolutions, Inc. and their promise “Even if you are a PowerPoint beginner iSpring makes all Flash technology advantages work for you!” Sounds great to me!

These three above give lot’s of promises… Hm… a good chance to check if the advertisement ever tells the truth 😉
I also tried FlashPoint (FlashDemo, Inc.), conaito PPT-to-Flash Converter (conaito Technologies), Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional (Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.) and authorPOINT (authorGEN Technologies).

Anyway after these 7 were chosen I went to the web site of each of them and found out that features they offer are pretty much the same. It put me in the confusion even more and I decided to create a table with 20 features most valuable for me and see which PowerPoint to flash converter has most of them. To make my choice process easier I decided to score each of the software offered. Please, note that I didn’t try all of these converters, I just looked at their web sites for more information. Anyway below you will find the table I’ve got.

PPT2SWF Software

According to my table Articulate Presenter and iSpring Pro both have the same score and are good for me. So which one is better? I’ll give you an answer in my next article before this one becomes too long.

5 thoughts on “Which PowerPoint to Flash converter is the best one?

  1. WOW, wondershare PPT2Flash Professional wins the best Quality/Price ratio, it what I use now.

    As I know, it supports preloader, compression controls and references(Attachments). Something you did not say, It support LMS(learning management system) and quizzes. Our teachers would benefit a lot from them.

  2. Sabrina!
    Thank you for your comment. Sure, I will take a look at LMS support and quizzes. It can be useful for me.

  3. Very helpful comparison, but why do you leave out CamtasiaStudio from TechSmith? This is the mothership of Flash tools. It’s worth including in your comparison. Educator’s price is around $180.

  4. Thank you very much, David, for your suggestion. I will try CamtasiaStudio.

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